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Current projects


SUMMA is an H2020 funded project on big data and multilingual speech processing.


SP2 is the "SCOPES project on Speech Prosody".  It is a collaboration with BME-TMIT in Budapest, FEEIT in Skopje and the RTD group at UNS in Novi Sad.


SIWIS is a sinergia project funded by SNSF.  At Idiap it funds Alexandros Lazaridis and Pierre-Edouard Honnet.

Previous projects


This work is with Petr Motlicek and Milos Cernak for the defence procurement arm of the Swiss government.  We aim to use the synthesis technology from EMIME to do low bit rate coding.

Samsung GRO

Working with Petr Motlicek and Samsung's SAIT lab under the GRO program on advanced multi-lingual acoustic modelling for speech recognition.  The project continues, funded directly by SAIT.


This is a project aiming to do speech recognition and indexing of the Valaisan parliament.  It's run by Alexandre Nanchen; I help where possible along with György Szaszak.


Another Hasler Foundation project related to CLAS3, but focussed on fast adaptation using vocal tract normalisation methods developed by Lakshmi.


This was a Hasler Foundation funded project allowing Hui to finish his PhD work.  The cross lingual adaptation techniques that Hui developed are the basis for SIWIS.


I worked on EMIME with John, Lakshmi and Hui.  That project continues in a Swiss sense as SIWIS.


I worked on AMIDA until it finished at the end of 2009. That work continues under IM2. It is closely related to the TA2 project.